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WordPress with Forge

1 february 2016

We use Bedrock as our foundation to WordPress development. A composer based platform very easy to use and extend.

As it comes to deployment we use a Capistrano clone called PHP Deployer with multiple stage support.

Customer environments hosting is cared for by Cloudnet generally. Let’s face it. We provide systems development and not hosting. It’s just another business area even though they are connected.

But sometimes we need quick setups and perhaps short life hosting. And sometimes the customer budget doesn’t include long term hosting. Then there has to be options to simpler hosting but still not so easy as Loopia, Binero and other mass hosted web hotels.

Thats where Forge comes in to picture. But hey, isn’t Forge for Laravel apps only? And isn’t Forge just a shell on top of hosting?

Yes, Forge is originally made for Laravel apps but is also perfect for composer based development as Bedrock. It’s also just a shell so you need a VPS provider as Digital Ocean, Linode or Amazon.

Why is it good for WordPress Roots Bedrock?

  • Bedrock requires a .env file for environment settings. Forge supports that as it is a requirement for Laravel as well.
  • Laravel is also Composer based, like Bedrock.
  • Forge is integrated to Github so you can easily make deploments via git push.
  • Forge supports php 7, a must have for every new WordPress project.

And there are more benefits.

Why a shell on top of VPS?

Even if you are familiar with Linux, Nginx and Mysql management this gives you and your team a structural way of managing the servers. No more hidden installs and paths.

Also you could easily add recipes to your account to get services like Elasticsearch installed in no time.

We lika what we see and will continue our Forge Trial.



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